Our Team

Chance Cofield

Vice President

It’s no wonder Chance Cofield is obsessed with details. Since the early 90’s, he’s worked in both residential and commercial construction. He has first-hand knowledge and experience in all facets of the building industry. He’s built custom homes and managed commercial projects in the million dollar plus range. The responsibilities for these projects included estimating, budgeting, supervising, coordinating and scheduling the activities of all subcontractors and direct reports. The demands for perfection for these projects were extreme as was the need to meet individual desires and tastes. Now, Chance brings that same mindset to his own company, Cofield Group.

He’s putting his 25 years of experience in construction, renovation and coordinating commercial and residential building projects to work creating innovative solutions which assure quality and accountability. The result is a company with a reputation for integrity, honesty and getting the job done on time and on budget.

A little chat with Chance: “Here’s our philosophy for building this company in a nutshell: Do what you say you’re going to do. We pay attention to details. It’s part of our process. In fact, we’re probably more demanding on each other than our clients are. For us, attention to detail starts with the bid. We go deeper than most. Many times we’re able to show clients how they can do something more efficiently and save money. Clients appreciate the depth to which we go because it spells everything out for them. They know exactly how we’re going to logistically approach the job. No guessing. No surprises. We do a lot of renovating of occupied spaces…in stores, offices and manufacturing sites. Complex logistics are involved. People, customers and products are moving through the sites. We know how to keep the client’s needs and best interests in mind while we’re completing the project.”