Our Team

Jaime Cofield


Ask Jaime to tell you her title, and instead of “President” you’ll probably hear “Fireman.” Because solving problems and creating innovative methods to increase efficiency is what she loves doing.

“Personalized service is at the heart of what we do. Each project is unique and we are committed to establishing a working relationship ensuring a construction process that meets and exceeds your goals.”

She is applying her diverse expertise to the construction industry, overseeing administration, finance, purchasing and marketing for Cofield Group. Process reengineering and quality improvement are her strong suits and she is constantly involved in upgrading operations by implementing new systems and software designed to improve quality and service.

Jaime’s thoughts on building a successful company: “Anyone in construction knows the importance of a strong foundation. Well, that’s my job here. To lay a strong foundation for this company. We’re driven to be the best on both the customer side and the company side. Our size gives us the ability to pay attention. Less politics. Less red tape. Fewer hoops to jump through in order to make things happen. We’re also smart enough to surround ourselves with the best people and subs possible.”

“Our growth plan is simple. Do great work, be good to people, and doors will open.”